• Odin is a program to flash stock and custom files onto a samsung smartphone.

    For flashing anything custom (or even stock) on your phone it's required to flash it in download mode. To enter this it's most of the time the same combination (while phone is off): power on button + home button + volume down. On the S8 it's bixby instead of home.

    You can download most recent odin program Please login to see this link.. The AP tab is used to flash full roms, kernels or recoveries. BL is meant for bootloaders, CP for modems and CSC obviously for CSC files ^^

    Sources etc.

    Out of my head :)


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  • Luca, been flashing roms for 8 years, I know what a bootloader is for gods sake, I just couldn't flash using ODIN, thought your English was excellent, maybe not.

    • Sorry but what is wrong with this wiki article?