• A custom recovery is here to allow modifications to your system and flash any file you wish to. Most popular one is possibly TWRP.

    TWRP is currently the most widespread custom recovery, probably due to its unique UI that is quite easy to use. The main method of installing, or "flashing", this custom recovery on an Android device requires downloading a version made specifically for the device and then using a tool such as fastboot (or ODIN for Samsung devices) on a PC to replace the stock recovery image with the TWRP one. Also, some custom ROMs come with TWRP as the default recovery.

    TWRP gives users the option to fully backup their device (including boot, system, etc.) to revert to at any time, as well as a built-in file manager to delete files that may be causing problems on the device or add some to fix issues.

    TWRP currently supports the installation of custom ROMs, kernels, add-ons (e.g. GApps, SuperSU, Magisk, Themes), and other mods.

    Wiping, backing up, restoring and mounting various device partitions (e.g. system, boot, userdata, cache and internal storage) are also supported. TWRP also features file transfer by Please login to see this link., a basic file manager and a terminal emulator. It is fully themeable.

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