• Roms (also called custom roms) is the Read Only Memory on the phone, also known as the /system partition to you. It contains many modifications compared to the stock rom.

    Custom roms have the ability to edit your phone to your needs and adjust it even better. Normally they contain custom kernels, root access, custom recovery and many other useful mods to make your user experience even better than before.

    You flash the rom as a zip file in a custom recovery (such as TWRP), that will install all needed things on your phones /system partition. There are several custom roms out, like SuperMan, SuperStock, BatStock and many more!

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  • Any set date?
    Out this June?

  • quando sairá atualização para superman rom?

    When will update to superman rom?

    • Please use english next time. SuperMan will be updated after batman s7 port