• Android has an advanced system for installing the OS and updates, unlike other mobile OS's that distribute the contents of the OS in static ROM image(s), Android distributes the OS and updates in a plain .zip file that contains all of the packages, files, and the updater for processing the installation.

    • What is AROMA Installer?
      "AROMA" was taken from Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language) and it means "Scent", but it is also an abbreviation of "AMARULLZ ANDROID ROM MANIFESTATION". It is an advanced update-binary for Android that contains many features like Wizard Installation, Touch User Interface (AROMA UI), Customizable Packages, System Inspecting, Themeable, and User Interactive. All release versions will have "flower" codenames, for example, the 1st version is codenamed "Anggrek", which mean "Orchid".
    • How AROMA Installer Works?
      How can it work in recovery mode, and how can it so smooth when it scrolls? It works because I hired Chuck Norris to force the recovery to run the installer, and the phone is too afraid to show any lag :cool:.

      No, seriously, when the user selects the .zip file to install it, the recovery will extract the update-binary and run it with a few arguments. All processes are handled by the update-binary, and the recovery will only show the information passed by update-binary via a custom pipe. The great thing is that the update-binary can do anything if we can code it in C/C++, but not all people can easily play with C/C++. Its also not very effective or fun to compile it every time we need to change the process. That's why the custom script is used in AROMA Installer, it is simply edify scripting that is used as the normal updater-script, but with expanded functions available.

      It wasn't a simple thing to archive something like this, because the update-binary is simply the "linux executable" that doesn't even support dynamic links of libraries, basic drawing functions like drawrect, drawline, and I don't think it OpenGL can be included in it's binary. It runs on it's own. Even User Interface was wrote from scratch to manipulate directly into the display framebuffer, user input was read directly from the raw kernel input device, png and .zip was read with a static link library, and the configuration was parsed in it's own program. It is the result of one full month of developing, but you can learn it instantly, without any need to know how to manage memory usage and pointers.

      The AROMA Installer will read, parse, and run the script commands to show it's UI, calculate partition sizes, create, read, and write temporary prop files, set & get variables, do simple integer comparisons and math sequences, do the if else or inline if conditions, configure the UI color scheme, configure rom information, and much more.
    • Benefits For Users
      AROMA Installer gives users the possibility to choose which mods and applications they want to Install on to their device. Sometimes we want the clean install, without bloatware; and sometimes we want the full set of applications on our device. With AROMA Installer, you are your phone's master

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